Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 Class 3

I attended the third cake decorating class for course one on yesterday evening, and I was SO excited to learn how to transfer a picture onto a cake. I think it's something rather valuable. We transferred a picture of a Hot-Air Balloon onto our cakes with decorating gel and filled them in with different colors. It was really neat! I also seemed to coordinate the colors of the icing and the decorating gel without meaning to. I’m glad I had pink and yellow on my mind when dealing with my icing!! I loved the flowers that we learned to make last night; I used them as my border along the top, with stars along the bottom.

I’m including two pictures of the finished cake simply because I don’t think either of them capture the cake in its truest form. Again, I have never, or will ever, claim to be any kind of photographer other than amateur. Just my point-and-shoot Nikon and a girl with a little time on her hands.

This picture was taken at my house under my kitchen lights, 5 60W light bulbs. I thought it turned out alright….on my camera.

This picture was taken  at work, under fluorescent lights. I wasn’t going to take another picture but I thought I should just in case.

I think that the first picture is brighter but the clown looks too bright. The second one seems to have a more yellow tint to it but the clown looks better and the hot-air balloon looks like glass!
Maybe I need to shoot at another angle or maybe I need to use better lighting and background. Either way, I know that I will have to read up on improving  my camera skills. First off, I would like to get a Nikon or Canon Digital SLR. I know that they take good pictures on their own, however, the operator must understand the equipment and be able to use it properly. This is why I think that I need to look online for some quick tutorials on point-and-shoot photography….it may be a while until I get a good Digital SLR. :)
Well, I just thought that I would show these off! I was pretty proud of how my cake turned out! I tasted great too! I was just a box recipe, which I was not happy about, but I figured that since it saved me so much time it was worth it since it’s been a little hectic around here lately. I’m trying to get some crafting done, but something always seems to get in my way. I’ll hopefully get some time soon.

I forgot to mention that my fiancĂ©e and I will be moving out June 1st, so we are on a house hunt. We are actually going to be moving in with my cousin Matt who moved here in February and has since been living with my wonderful mother. We went to look at a house today and the manager said that she was going to leave the door unlocked for us but she must have forgotten. Oh well, I’ll call tomorrow and I’m sure they will open it for us. I’ll update!



Carol Anne said...

Wow! Your cake is looking awesome! it's making me want a piece too! haha! Great job! My husband has a couple nice cameras and I have a little point and shoot camera. Sometimes I just prefer to use my little camera. I get the results I want. Although sometimes it is fun to play around with the nicer ones! The best advice I have gotten for photography is to use natural lighting. Outside or by a window is ideal but not in direct sunlight. That washes it out. Also knowing how to process and edit photos in a photo editing program or does wonders!

Kayla said...

Well thank you! It's really nice to hear that someone appreciates my hard work! :) Thank you for all the camera advice, I've always heard that natural light is the way to go, but I had not clue that direct sunlight washes stuff out.....makes sense though. I'll have to remember than when snapping pics! I'm definitely going to have to check out too! I would LOVE to start editing some of the pictures I take! :)

Thank you dear!