Saturday, April 17, 2010

Are Tulips Better Than Three? :)

"Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom." Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

I love seeing all the beautiful flowers and trees that are in bloom this time of year. The colors are so bright and beautiful that you can't help but be happy! Spring is here, it's finally warming up outside, everything is green and other beautiful colors, people are starting to barbeque, and it's garden growin' time! It will be nice when we finally settle into a place where I can grow a garden. For now, I'll just focus on plants I can keep inside (and keep alive!).

Not sure what this plant is called....I've heard spider plant a lot so I'll stick with that.

We have so many different kinds of colors springing up around the house and that's why I have been wanting to take these pictures. It's absolutely beautiful outside now that Spring has sprung. FYI: All the pictures that you will see below is the wonderful Spring planning of one of the previous renters. These were all a surprise to me. Whoever they had in this house before was great for planning with the seasons. In the Spring you can find everything you will see below around our house, and in the Summer you will find bushes with white flowers as well as orange and multi-colored lillies in the backyard.

Eastern Redbud
 Forsythia Bushes - I had to hurry before the yellow flowers were gone. They're one of my Spring favorites!

Hope you enjoy my little piece of home! I know I love them!

I know, the pictures may not be the best, but I'm shooting with a point-and-shoot with little to no experience......and I just had to show these off and practice taking more pictures!

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