Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeere's Kayla!

Well, it's been a while since I've been able to get on here. I used to get on during work (whoops.....lol) but since then I've moved from my job in Service to my job in Sales (not selling- helping out our internet department, taking pics of cars for eBay) I don't have quite as much time as I used to. Now I have to drag the ole' laptop to friends houses or places with wireless internet and take advantage when I can. Well, I haven't been able to take advantage for a while, lol.

Let me catch you up to all the happenings.

We, meaning my boyfriend and myself, bought a 40 inch LCD Toshiba Television at the beginning of December. I ended up putting a little over half on a Best Buy credit card (my first!) and we are paying it off (with no interest, pretty good deal!). Well, my boyfriends brother brought his Wii over and left it at our house for a long time. We played it quite a bit and normally put the wrist straps on our hands. Eli, me, and two of our friends were playing bowling - not even in the 6th frame - and when Eli goes to swing our friend Corey puts his feet out in front of Eli and he hits Corey foot and the WiiMote goes flying into our new TV. This happened about 3 weeks ago. I'll post pics as soon as I can. THAT was frustrating.

That happens shortly AFTER my doctor tells me to reduce the stress in my life as much as possible.

I have recently been diagnosed with something they are giving me pills for - I believe muscle relaxers - to help with the major pain in my left side. I keep the pills in a little cubby on a nightstand next to my side of the bed in their pill bottle. Just last week, not too long after I left for work, Eli went to the restroom and left Jada out with Koda (our boxer - J - and mix - K -). She's been known to tear some stuff up but nothing too bad....well, Eli comes out of the bathroom and Jada's sitting on our bed with my pill bottle next to her, dust on the bed, and no pills to be found. Eli had called me just as I got to my desk at work. Jada just ate some of your pills and I have no clue what they are, what do I do? OK, I had no idea at this point so I go home and on my way there I call her regular vet. They ask what the pills were and at this point I wasn't sure....so they said to make her throw up give her 1/4 cup of Peroxide and wait 15 minutes. If she hasn't thrown up by then, give her another 1/4 cup - but no more - and wait 15 more minutes. When I got to the house Eli's brother and his boyfriend were there and had already called the vet and had already given her the first dose. After 15 minutes she didn't throw up so we got ready to give her the second dose. Eli and myself held her upright, Zach held her mouth open, and Ian poured it in her mouth.......well, she ended up spitting it all out on all of our faces! It was so nasty. She ended up throwing up, but when it got to her mouth she would always eat it again, so we were getting nowhere. I called the vet and told them what it was and they said she'd be fine, just watch her and make sure she ate and if she started acting funny to call them. Poor thing was so tired the rest of the day........but she did good. The bad thing is now every night when I take my pills she rushes right up to me sniffing the air to see what I've got.....silly girl.

Right now I'm enthralled in Blogger while Zachs playing Rock Band 2 and Eli and Ian are watching races on another computer. I swear Eli's addicted. That's all he does when he gets on a computer. Eh, better than some other addictions though, right?

RANDOM THOUGHT: I just remembered the homemade cookies that I made the other day. It was from a recipe on the back of Nestle Chocolate Chip bag. I used Toll House Milk Chocolate Chunks though......yumm......they were oh......so.....good. They went way to fast. I like baking and I thought that stuff like that would last around my house since its just me and Eli.....but no. He claims he doesn't like sweets much but when I made those cookies (there were about 30 of them) I had a handful and they were gone in 5 days! I told him he needed to slow down. The cookies were still better than the pre made cookie dough you buy at stores. The only down side to that is the salmonella risk.....ha ha....thats why I buy the dough - to eat it!

I've been checking out online schools for interior design.....the only problem that I keep running into is that some of them aren't accredited.....What to do, what to do........I'm sure I'll blog about that later though.

I've run out of stuff to say for now......