Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

This post is a little late as I have been a little busy lately. It seems as though Spring has sprung here in Missouri. There are still a few chilly days, but I haven't worn my winter coat in about a week!  :)

This picture is a daffodil that was blooming in our backyard! I had no clue that we had so many flowers around our house until now! But we did move in just last June so we kinda missed the Spring flowers. I haven't gotten many pictures of them yet, but I hope to possibly this weekend! It's almost dark when I finally get home from work so weekends are my best bet. (That way, I can do a little weeding while I'm out there too!)

By the way, this is what outside our house looked like on the first day of Spring.

My slightly younger cousin Matt recently moved to COMO because he got a job with me at Toyota, so I've been showing him around Columbia since it's quite a bit bigger than our hometown (by tens of thousands!). Anyway, since that intro is over, I took him to Shelter Gardens which is a huge rose garden right down the road from work. So, he got him some cigs (I'm a month without them as of yesterday!) and we went there for lunch. It's still fairly early, but I got one or two good pics.

Some of these pictures were snapped in a hurry because I thought my battery was dying. I swear I saw the battery light flash, but later on there was no sign of it.......weird. Maybe it's starting to get low.....I've never seen it do that in the year and a half that I've had it, but who knows.


Carol Anne said...

Shelter Gardens is one of my favorite places ever! Seth used to take me sometimes when we were dating. We never told anybody at school because most people hadn't heard of the park so it was our "secret get away from people" place! I looooove the beautiful flowers! There are probably 200 photos on my other computer from our last visit there! haha!

Kayla said...

really? That is awesome! I don't blame you for not wanting to spread the word, it's a great place to escape! I'm hoping to go there sometime soon to see what new flowers have sprung up. I'm sure I'll post some on here! :)