Monday, March 19, 2012

The Bundle of Joy

Since I have not been around as much lately, I thought I should give my few readers an update as to what was going on in my world......

As I announced before, my husband and I are expecting our first child. These past few months have been amazing......although there was some nausea involved in the beginning it hasn't been bad since I started taking my prenatal vitamins. I actually haven't felt this great in a long time....really.

About four months ago we found out that we are having a little boy. I really thought it was going to be a girl just because both my husbands brother and sister have girls and my sister just had a girl as well, but it seems we broke that trend. I am so excited and cannot wait to meet our little boy. My due date is April 1st but I guess we will have to wait and see if he will play any tricks on us as to when he will arrive in the world. As the weeks go by and we get closer to meeting our little man things seem to get more and more real for us.....of course, seeing my belly move from something other than me is out of this world but it makes us realize that we have just two short weeks until he should be here!

I also wanted to show off his room....or at least part of it.....mainly his crib, I just LOVE his bedset! Here it is, enchanted forest!

I was lucky enough to have gotten almost everything that I needed for my little man's arrival at my baby shower. We are truly blessed with all the love and support that we have gotten from friends and family. I really cannot wait to meet my little boy and have our own little family! I can only hope that my he will grow up to be strong and healthy and have a good heart. Of course, that's really what any parent wants for their child.

Just wanted to give a little update as to where I have been and what I have been going through....I hope to post some more soon but we will see exactly what the future brings. I plan on doing online schooling once the baby gets here and with juggling everything my time may be cut back....but we will see. I will try to post again before he gets here otherwise, I will definitely post something once he gets here. Wish me luck! :)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wintry Wreath

I decided after seeing some amazing wreaths online that I had to make one.....this is what I came up with....

All I did was purchase a styrofoam wreath from my local JoAnn Fabrics Store, wrapped some white yarn around it, then added a few lines of blue yarn. I didn't think that was quite enough so I decided to make some flowers. I tinkered around for a little while and decided that circles of felt would make some cute flowers when glued together.....until I made my first one. Don't get me wrong, I think it turned out beautifully, but it stuck out waaaaay too far for my liking. I ended up cutting the circles in half and then gluing the pieces together and got much smaller flowers that I thought looked perfect on my wreath. I think I will have to do a tutorial on them :)

Anyway, once I got my flowers together I wanted to see what they looked like on the wreath without gluing them - just in case I didn't like the layout (this is how much of a perfectionist I am). I have TONS of needles with pearl white balls on the end from my wedding and just pushed those through the hole in the middle of the felt flowers and ended up loving it so much I just kept it like that! What's great is that if I decide to rearrange the flowers it will be easy peasy! And the little !POP! of white in the middle looks gorgeous!

I wasn't sure what to do to hang it up but I had bought some sheer white ribbon for about fifty cents and decided that would look good with I cut off enough ribbon for it to hang just right, looped it through my wreath, and zig zag stitched the ends of it together and tacked it up to my wall. Conspicuous enough, right? I thought it turned out pretty well :)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Waffles Topped with Cinnamon-Sugar Apples

Not sure what got into me, but I decided I wanted to make some Cinnamon-Sugar Apples......but what to put them on? Well, my hubby loves waffles so I figured, why not? It was definitely the right decision. My tummy was happy!

 We just cut the apples into tiny pieces, then coated them with cinnamon and sugar. The hubby added a little water, although I thought it would have been fine without.

The recipe was almost too simple. I just used some waffle mix from a box and then the above cinnamon-sugar apple 'recipe'.....if you want to call it that. Not a bad weekend breakfast! Om nom nom....


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Is Coming To You From A Cellular Device

Silly me, I've been checking my blog on my phone through the website and just now decided to see if there was an app......guess what? There is! The posting seems good so far, and I just really wanted to test it out. Hoping this looks good! Until tomorrow.....

EDIT: After looking at this online I see my picture needs to be flipped. Now I know to take the pictures length-wise :)

A Little Update

What a grand little update I have! My husband and I, who just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary October 1st (6 1/2 years since we first started dating), are expecting our first child! I am currently 14 weeks along and we could NOT be happier! Since the arrival of my niece on May 7th I have had major baby fever (although I had it before then) and my hubby finally felt he was here we are! Our little bundle of joy is expected around April 1st, which will be our 7th year together! What a great anniversary gift :)

I have had so many baby things running rampant around my mind, along with so many ideas for the little one to be. We will find out if it is a boy or girl in November, which of course we will....I have to plan too much to not know.

Found on pinterest

Found on pinterest

I just had to share that news real quick, so definitely be expecting a lot more baby items and baby themed posts soon!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amazing Make-up Artist!

Promise Phan is a very talented make-up artist...I found her while watching Kaelah's video about her pretty pink hair. I was drawn in because she looked just like Jessica Rabbit and found out that she is very talented and definitely seems to have a future in this! She has made herself look like a pin up girl, Michael Jackson, Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry, Fairy Barbie, Neytiri from Avatar, Antoine Dodson (search his name on, and even Lil' Wayne! Check out her youtube channel here.

Found via weheartit

I haven't really been too much into makeup until here recently, so something like this is nothing I could attempt but I thought it was very interesting. I just find it amazing how she uses foundation to cover her eyebrows and get them the same color as her skin, then creates new brows - or a whole new skin color and look! The part I found the most amazing was when she used a little bit of eyeshadow and lined part of her nose to create a whole different shadow and make her nose look completely different! You should really check her out......she's awesome.

I have also been following Courtney over at You Will......Wont You and she has done some awesome Face Charts (see her August posts). They are pretty inspiring...just to see what someone can create with just a brush (or finger.....or whatever) and some shadow, liner, and mascara.

I hope you all were inspired too......What are some of your favorite makeup products?