Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Eli!!

Jada at Callie's (a boxer/mastiff mix) 1st birthday party.
This is her way of saying "Happy Birthday Dad!"

I just wanted to do a quick shout out to my wonderful husband Eli. He turned 23 today! This week has been rather stressful with a close friend at work passing away, but we are managing to have a good time. We went to Eli's mothers house and ate tacos and watched Iron Man 2. Now, we are at home relaxing for the night with our fur babies!! I'm just itching to do some crafting and until my drawer gets unlocked (or unhinged - one of the two) I have nothing planned!! I think I may just have to start throwing together what I can.

Constantine is on right now (wonderful movie) and it's got me thinking about the angel wings tattoo I have been wanting to get.....Now, where to place it??

Goodnight beautiful ladies and gents!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slightly Frustrated.

So, I feel rather silly. I seemed to have locked most of my supplies that I need to complete a project I have been trying to finish for a while in my crafting desk and lost the key. It is nowhere to be found. Wanna know the really bad thing about all this? I kept bill money in there. So yeah.....thank goodness all the bills have been taken care of.

Hopefully I will be able to finish my project has been months in the making. Maybe I can start to sell them on etsy, depending on how good they are. I have been doing some research and have learned a lot but I think I may need to do some more......any suggestions for beginners?


Sorry this is such a short post, I don't have much to work with.....but I will see what I can do. Especially since I have more free time without the wedding planning :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures!

I have not been a good blogger lately....The last time I posted was in September! I have done quite a few things since then.....a few things I am hoping to share....but I just had to post a few wedding pics I had!

So, my photographer lives in my hometown of Bowling Green and I went there to visit some family the past two weekends, intending to pick up a cd she made for me full of wedding pics - raw and edited. Needless to say I didn't get to see her and pick up my cd, but she met up with my mom and gave her a few cds and a gift for me :) I can't wait to go pick that up! Anyway, here are a few pictures that were taken by my brother-in-law and Marianne my photographer.

 Drinking some boxed wine! (With the flower I made for my hair!)
 What a great look on my face :)

 Picture of the setup, Jessica is trying to duck out of the picture lol...I made all those pom poms. Oh, and we had orange, yellow, and pink table cloths on all the tables.
They TP'd my car!

I'm sure that there will be more to come after I get my cd from Marianne.....I was actually waiting on that to show you her pictures but I couldn't wait! Hope you enjoyed!