Saturday, April 3, 2010

To Be A Cake Decorator

I finally taken the first steps in baking and decorating my own cakes and have looked up prices and will be signing up for Wilton cake decorating classes for this month. There will be four classes, one each week. I believe that I will end up making four different cakes, at least that's the impression that I've gotten from all the reviews I've read.

My Aunt was generous enough this past Christmas to buy me a cake decorating set from Michaels. It's the Wilton cake decorating set that covers all the items you would need from courses 1-3, which is all the decorating courses. Which is pretty awesome. I'm getting this class for half-price from Michael's because they are running a special. Again......awesome.

So......once I start, which should be this Wednesday, I will start posting info on it.....kind of like a review. And, of course, to show off my work! Since this is something I could possibly end up doing to make money I would definitely like to show it off! :)

Wish me luck!

Kayla ♥

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