Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Tribute To Toyota's Swagger Wagon :)

As you may or may not know, I work at a Toyota dealership. Not too long after I had first seen the Swagger Wagon advertisement/song our dealership went crazy with it. They put stickers on the new Sienna's and even had a black one (just like in the video - posted below) with a SWAGGER license plate on it! Here's what we did at Joe Machens Toyota-Scion.

And here is the video! It is SOSO cute! The little girl really gets down! lol :)

Hope this made you laugh or at least smile!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eleise Hosted a Giveaway, and Guess Who Won!

I decided that I would enter into a giveaway over at Eleise's blog One Artsy Mama thinking I would never win, my usual luck. Then I get this comment on my blog from Eleise saying I've won and I couldn't believe it! I got the prize the other day, a 2x2 mini stitched heart from Laura Belle at OhHi. It even came in a homemade envelope sewn on one side with pink thread! SOOO cute! So, thank you Lauara and thank you Eleise!!! Sorry about the poor picture quality! They were all taken indoors at night so.....

I love the pink cross stitch!
The package came with a thx sticker and a cute little note from Laura!
Here it is in all of it's cuteness!
Just to give you an idea of the size of it.

I love this and can't wait to hang it in my little creative corner!

Oh! And Friday I found out that I won a giveaway at Trisha's blog Mary Sew from Kaelah at Little Chief Honeybee, so I will post pics as soon as I decide what I want! :)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Pencil Cups

I got this idea from Jessica at How About Orange. At work they always throw away these cans the had some kind of grease or glue or something you generally need for cars and I thought it would be perfect! Cleaned out, of course. Here's what happened.

I now realize that I should have actually put pencils in the cups, but its all good. The one on the left was one of Jessica's ideas, cutting holes in the felt and putting various colors behind it. The one on the right says TOYOTA even though you can't really see it. I work at a Toyota dealership and I put this out on the service counter since the one we had was covered in paper.

The cup on the left is 'chunkier' than what I thought it would be, but looking back at Jessica's design she used mostly fabric for the design in the holes. That'll be my craft cup though, if I need to make more, I know what to do!

Well, I just wanted to show these off! :) If you want to see Jessica's tutorial click here.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Giveaway from KaelahBee!

I am a frequent reader of the blog Little Chief Honeybee and I absolutely LOVE her sense of style! She wears dresses everyday, now THAT is my kind of girl! :) I've definitely gotten some of my style inspiration from her lately, which I am thankful for! She also has a very cute etsy shop in which she sells her handmade headbands, barrettes, brooches, and beautiful fabric roses! She was featured at Mary Sews blog and is being gracious enough to ro-open her shop just to do a giveaway!

So, go check out Mary Sew's blog and leave her a comment! I know I did, Kaelah's fabric rose headbands are to die for! Mary's blog is pretty amazing anyway, so even if you don't follow her and enter the giveaway you should check out her blog! Anyway, gotta get back to work but I wanted to post about this awesome giveaway!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bottle Cap Magnets With Decoupaged Clocks

Yet again I have found another tutorial I wanted to try out. I'm starting to see a trend here.....a trend of tutorials. I will post something original soon :) Anyway, I found this tutorial on How About Orange, remembered I had some decoupage and instantly decided I had to do this project. Not long after printing off the clocks I started having friends save up their beer bottle caps and when we moved we found some black and white spray paint and I was ready to go. This is what happened :)

The magnets I used were fairly thick but they still needed a little lift so they would actually touch the fridge.
Before decoupage
After decoupage! I made the beer bottle caps for my cousin Matt and I kept the blue one with the palm trees and the 21+ caps. I also made 3 sets of the 5 clocks. I kept one and gave the other sets to my mom and sister.

So, if you're feeling rather crafty then go get this tutorial, print off the template, and have a little fun! I loved it! I think I may try making my own templates for bottle caps.....that would be pretty cool. We will see though, I'm not sure how that would work.....I just need to do a little experimenting with my computer :D



Daylight by Matt and Kim

This song is just so catchy, it makes me happier everytime I hear it! I like to play it on a day when I'm feeling a little blue, or just want to do a little

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yumm....Felt Strawberries!

I found this tutorial not too long ago and have been itching to do it since! I didn't think that I had plain red felt so I used my glitter red and green that came in a $4 random pack. I later looked and found plain-ole red but I still like my glitter fruit!

The pictures aren't the greatest, but I'm working on that. I'm definitely making more ASAP!


Maybe I should take the picture further away or with a better background......humm..... I really just wanted to show this off! I'll try to take some higher quality pictures this weekend!