Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

I love the I imagine most people do :) Some people may not treat mother earth as nicely as others but I still believe we should all do our part. I recycle everything I possibly can (which it makes a HUGE difference on trash day) and I even got my place of work to recycle paper, cans, and plastic bottles. How great it is to feel like I am making a difference.

The world is so beautiful and gives us so many great things, why not help it out and treat it right? After all, we take and take from it and just give it trash back until we join earth after our long something today! Even something as small as recycling plastic helps.....reduce, reuse, recycle. It's a wonderful feeling.

Now, some pretty pictures!

All images found via weheartit, searching earth day, earth, and recycle.
 Sorry about the picture overload, I just loved the images I found! Happy Earth Day everyone!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Mobile for my Niece

I have been looking at some wonderful  mobiles on the internet lately and decided I would make my own for little miss Emma.....who should be here within the month. Her room is going to be pink, purple, and PRINCESS! I got my inspiration from the mobile below ↓↓

Found Here
 Isn't that just precious?? I love it! I wanted to do something like it but decided to go with wire hangers. My idea for it changed a few times.....I wanted to use one hanger and then create small triangles out of another and hang those from the first hanger, yarn wrap them, and then make a chain of felt leaves.....then I just decided to go with this.....

I am in the process of creating a tutorial for this if you would like to do it as well.....just watch my blog for that post soon!