Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There May Be A Slight Delay.....

Found Here, isn't this beautiful?!?! Especially the Stargazer Lily! One of my FAVES!

In posting that is....I am getting officially married on October 1st, and I will be extremely busy. I've been working on some things I want to post about, but that will just have to wait for about 2 weeks. The past few posts have all been quickies to, so I will get back to better, normal posting. Especially after Eli leaves for the Navy.....then I will have TONS of time to craft!! So much to do and think about, ah! We have travelers from Michigan and Eastern Missouri, so hopefully all will make it safe. Until then, wish me luck in keeping my sanity, setting up my wedding, and making sure everyone knows how to get there!!! Lots of ♥ goes out to all you crafty ladies and gents, and I'll be talking to you all soon as a married woman!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding Flowers

I bought some faux flowers - fake doesn't sounds right - and wanted to share. I haven't finished putting them together, but I found the perfect mango sunset peach color. I'm wrapping the orange ribbon around the stems.

Can't wait until these are finished! We're going to add something else to it.....I'm just not sure exactly what yet. Ah, so many decisions, so little time.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


I know that this seems very silly but I am posting a tutorial on making little 'spools' for embroidery thread. That stuff really angers me because they give it to you in this nice neat little 'twist' - as I like to call it - and then once you get it unfolded, it turns into one big knot! When I was younger I used to make bracelets out of the stuff and just rolled them into balls, but this seems much simpler....and space efficient. This also gave me a good reason to edit a picture on Picnik through Flickr. Here goes...

What you need:
Small Piece of Cardboard
Embroidery Thread

Sorry it's so blurry! I didn't actually expect to use this but I think I did a fairly good job :) I guess it's really more than one step but it's all so easy it doesn't seem like 3 steps!

Finished Product!

SO easy! I'm sure everyone who uses embroidery thread knows this, but it was fun and gave me some experience with editing. Maybe not the best editing around but I'm learning!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I ♥ Pom Poms

I have been eyeing this tutorial for months now and since we are getting married soon I thought I would see how easy it really was since Martha can sometimes be deceiving in how 'easy' she portrays things to be crafted. Let me tell you this was simple as could be. All it really involves is taking 8 sheets of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other, then fold it accordian style. Wrap some floral wire around it and then separate the pieces of tissue paper piece by piece. That's it. Amazing really.

Here's my lonely orange pom pom. I think I may use more tissue paper next time :)

(Sorry about the crappy picture quality, this was the last thing I did before I went to bed.....and it was rather late)

Here's a shot with my makeshift crafting desk. I think that this may be where I am permanently stationed until the next move....I was going to move it in the corner of the dining room - to the right of this window - but I like this view! More pics to come I'm sure.....let me put up some inspiration :)

I will probably post more pictures since I have a few more I'm making :)

Also, I am thinking about using the invitation pictured below from Download and Print since it seems to fit the general "pom pom" theme. I have emailed Anna about switching up the green to an orange color and if I can get this accomplished I will post pics!
Sorry, this is as big as this picture gets - Found Here

If you or anyone that you know of is needing to make invitations for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. just visit Download and Prints website for FREE - that's right, I said FREE - templates! They are all SO cute! What's great is you can email the creator, Anna Skye, and she can customize them for you with different colors and such.


Designer Packing Tape Collection

Strange collection, right? Well, this is the coolest packing tape I've ever seen! I am sure I can use it for journaling and decorating mail. The best part about it.....they were all 50 cents a piece at Michaels! Not sure if all Michaels have them but they are so fun and funky. They also had tiki torches on sale for 99 cents a piece, so I bought 10 of them for our wedding! Bargain hunting is an amazing thing.

I love that you can see right through it! So many ideas come to mind.....especially with such pretty colors! And the pink and green striped ones can be cut down to look like UPC codes without the numbers at the bottom. I thought they were going to cost more than .50, so I bought 3 the first day and then 5 the next :) Now I really should focus on getting some washi

Here's some more designer packing tape....very cool stuff.
Found Here
Found Here
Found Here
Found Here

Hope you like it! I hope to get more now!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Washi Tape Twist Ties

Jessica at How About Orange posted about Washi Tape Twist Ties July 30th, but I am just now getting around to it. Thank goodness for being able to star items on Google reader!! This was my first attempt at it and since I do not have any Washi tape to speak of, I think it went well. Lindsay at Pixies and Bears showed us how to make our own washi tape here, and it was a rather great find. I bought some contact paper and started journaling with it and creating washi tape twist ties!

Sorry about the quality yet again....I may have to start shooting things on the weekends so I can have some good light...

Using felt strawberries as a prop :)
I just put it on a bag containing reusable netted grocery bags that my mom gave to me.

My mom, Patty, works at this awesome fair trade store called Sassafras Moon World Gifts. They make their own jewelry and stained glass windows, suncatchers, and night lights and they also make some beads out of their own glass. Almost all of my jewelry is from their shop because it is so unique and beautiful! Eli and I even bought our wedding rings from them! If you go to their website, check out the suncatcher section, all but the sunflower is my moms work. She's amazing. (Every one at the shop worked on the heart and moon suncatcher's but she did the others herself). Hope you like!


Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have had so much on my mind with moving and the wedding and such that I forgot to post about the pancakes that I made months ago! And these are not pancakes that you I don't post many things like that here :) These little cuties are part of a set of Kawaii felt plushies that I have made after seeing this tutorial by aiwa and this picture.

This is how my pancakes turned out...

One keychain and one magnet. You can see the green around the edges.....I have solved that little issue by buying a disappearing ink marker! I remember when I was younger we would go to the fairs and get tiny bottles of disappearing ink, and this is the exact same stuff! I give that stuff an A++ since I would have never thought it could be a useful tool like that :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Layout---Designed by me! Sort of.

Today I decided to change up my blog. I noticed a while ago the new Blogger Template Designer and tried it out without logging in. It was rather generic but it was pretty cool because of how easy it can be to customize your blog for free, especially if you know little to nothing about html or things of that sort. That was a while ago, so I decided to try it tonight just to see.

I first looked through the templates and didn't find anything that I really wanted...that is, until I saw the Awesome Inc. templates. That is where the text boxes come from. They are based on the 'Orange Swirl' template, which is what I call it since I did not see a name. (Third template to the right) Then I chose a background that I liked since I did not want to upload anything - plus, the ribbons are cute! I was a bit overwhelmed with the "Advanced" tab but after reviewing it for a while I realized it was pretty self explanatory. I just memorized a few color codes and put them in the correct boxes and viola! It took about 30-45 minutes. Not bad for a noob, eh? Now banners and buttons! :)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I ♥ Pumpkin Spice

Every year I look forward to fall, everything about it is wonderful! Pumpkins, warm colors, sweaters, boots, scarves, Oktoberfest, and the Pumpkin Festival......need I go on? I always have to have something pumpkin-y at least once each fall, I even have a great recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Maple Syrup Frosting that I have been making since last year. Maybe I can post that soon.....anywhoo, I finally got a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino this past Saturday and let me tell you, I was a happy girl.

I sent Eli to get me a tall and he returns with a grande! Man, oh was great.