Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Made a Coffee Sleeve!

I really wanted to post this because I was SO excited that I could do this! I have been crocheting for years and the most I seem to  get accomplished is making scarves. I do love the scarves that I've made, but I wanted to do something else. I really couldn't think of anything simple that I could accomplish, until I read my friend Carols blog, That Is Charming. She had an etsy shop in which she sold a lot of her crocheting creations (which were amazing!) and while I was checking it out, I saw these awesome coffee sleeves! Hers were so colorful and were made of very thick yarn and I thought they were so neat (not to mention a little more environmentally friendly)! One day, I was making a scarf and just got tired of doing that same things over and over so I decided I would try my hand at it and this is what I got!

I haven't had a chance to try it on a coffee cup as of yet, but I will have to make it a point to do it soon since I worry that the yarn is too smooth for the cup......we will see!

I posted yesterday that I would try to get pictures of the flowers around our house on here, and I took the pictures but I haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. I can get it done tomorrow, I'm sure.

I have been slightly cake obsessed ever since my cake decorating class! It's just the strangest thing! On Friday, a customer took our courtesy van to the mall and when she came to pick up her vehicle she brought in all her bags from shopping. I was ringing her ticket through and I swore I kept smelling cake or frosting, but ever since I've stopped smoking it seems as though my nostrils have kicked in full gear! I just call it my super sniffer :) Anyway, before she left to get in her car I asked her if she was wearing perfume and she started telling me about this Shea Cahsmere body lotion she got from Bath and Body Works and it was on sale (This stuff seriously smelled like cake/icing). She even pulled it out and let me try some! I just loved the smell so much that after work I went there and got two for $20, but I also got a small $1 sampler of their new summer vanillas lotions that will be coming out this summer. There are three scents - Coconut, Berry, and Lemon - I, of course, got coconut. It smells pretty good, the coconut smell is somewhat strong, but I still use it. I love both of the products I got and I got such a great deal that I'm giving the extra one to my mom! She knows that she's getting something but I think I want to wrap it in something cute!

This cake obsession sure is strange, I was even looking up cake keychains (I saw this cute toast plushie keychain made of felt and it got my mind wandering..........) and found some really cute ones at elegant beauty's etsy shop. I've been seeing these cute Japanese neckelaces shaped and painted to look like real food! It's SO cute! I would like to buy or make either a slice of (preferrably) layered chocolate peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache on top. On all the sites I've looked on the keychains/charms were make from polymer clay, and I've worked with it before so I think I could figure something out.

These are two of the charms from Elegant Beauty's etsy shop. I provided the link above the pictures - click on elegant beauty - if you are looking to purchase any of her awesome handmade charms! They're absolutley adorable!

Anyway, just wanted to share all of that with you! I think I should have some more flower pictures to show tomorrow! I think I might play around with my photo editor that's installed on my computer and see what it will allow me to do.

Check out this etsy shop as well.....a talented crafter....Sinner's Sweets

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