Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plushies Galore!

I've gotten interested in plushie making recently, and it ALL started with the picture you find below. Aiwa is the talented crafter of these lovely plushies, and you should really visit her site if you would like to see some REALLY good plushies.

Now, other pictures that are currently inspiring my plushie making ventures.

^^Another one by Aiwa^^
I believe this ^^^^ is my next project....we will see. I did buy those eyes the other day though... :)
Look at this stitching on this ^^^^ OMG!!! I can only dream about stitching that neat......for now :)
^^ These are just too cute. I wonder how you would end up getting the edges browned like that......maybe you can lightly burn it? Any ideas on that???
This toast was made by someone I know personally who said that I inspired them to make these! Aren't they cute?!?! She used her own little spin on them and I think they are adorable! Sew Amore is the name of her blog, which you should really check out. She's got a really neat etsy shop of the same name, Sew Amore, where she sells beautiful, handcrafted jewelry!

Those are just some of the things that are currently inspiring me. I thought someone else out there might get inspired....or just love all the cuteness!! I'm always searching for pictures as inspiration so I may be posting more, this is a great way to save lots of ideas :)



Carol Anne said...

I think you should follow my friend Lindsay's blog. She has just gotten into plushie making too. She makes some cute things already! She made me a hamster & she recently made a fox which was ADORABLE! She doesn't have a shop yet but I believe she is planning on opening one this summer when her husband will be away for a few months. She is really sweet! She would love it if you introduced yourself to her too! :)

This is her blog

Lindsay said...

awwww I love your blog!!!!!! I am obsessed with making plushies, they are so much fun to create!!!! I cant wait to see what you come up with!!!!

Kayla said...

Well hello Lindsay! I just checked out your blog and your plushies are awesome! I LOVED your elephant, the striped butt and underbelly was SO cute! lol.

Carol, thank you for the introduction! You're amazing *muah*


Sew Amore said...

dawww those marshemellows are adorable!!! :O i think they'd make sure dangly things in my car. haha. i really liked those larger tea cups...the cup itself didnt look like felt but more like antipill fleece to me... i really loved those fruit plushies...so colorful!

thanks for mentioning me again ! woot woot! =D

Hearthandmade said...

i love the tea cup plushie!! i want one!!

janel. said...

So cute!! I can't wait to see what you end up making!!

{eleise} said...

Oh wow! These are all so fun!

It make me wanna make some myself!

Kayla said...

I absolutely love the marshmallows too!!! I really want to try the tea cup - I even bought the eyes not too long ago! If I make one I'll be sure to post it on here, as soon as I get internet at the new house!

HeartHandmade and Janel - you both have NO clue how excited it made me to see your posts on here! I've been following your blogs for a while and it was so nice to see your comments on here!

eleise - Thank you for checking out my blog!! I checked yours out and am now a follower!! I love the flower ring tutorial that you did!!!


Kayla said...

and Elizabeth, I know I don't have many followers, but if I can mention at all I will try to!! I like shameless plugging for friends :)


Lindsay said...

awwww what a great idea, felt strawberries and pea pods!!! THanks for your sweet comment, Im definetly going to check it out! Ive never tried needle felting but have always wanted too!!!

chelseybell. said...

so you're my CoMo reader! I was looking at my feedjit and saw columbia on it. I know a few people who go to school up there, so I was wondering who it could be.

thanks for entering the giveaway! and thanks for your sweet comment!

Kayla said...

Lindsay, I thought you might enjoy those tutorials :) I am hoping to try needle felting soon, if I do I will definitely post it on here!

Chelseybell, I love those feedjit things! That was the very first widget I added to my blog! and thank you for hosting the giveaway! I love the fabrics!!


Lindsay said...

Thank you for the sweet comments youve been leaving on my blog today. They make my heart super happy :) I hope you have an awesome week!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

those are all so stinking awesome! i cant decide if i want to go shop or eat now! ha

Violet said...

SO ADORABLE! I wish i wish i could do that! :)