Monday, May 17, 2010

Tested and Approved.

The Wilton Cake Lifter. I knew it would be an amazing purchase from the time I first laid eyes on it.

I really haven't had much of a problem lifting cake layer until lately. The cakes that I normally bake are all round cakes, and I've grown rather used to the shape, size, strength, and durability of the cake so I have no issues with that. My hand can - almost - cover the whole top of the cake, thus making it easier to lift and flip...or whatever. But in my last two cake decorating classes I had to bake 9 x 13 inch cakes, which required a little finesse on my part. In our first class we learned to torte (cutting a cake in half horizontally to make 2 layers) and ever since then all my cakes are like that. Well the 9 x 13 was no exception, but it was so much longer and not quite as durable and sturdy as the round cakes so it was a little more difficult. Here comes the finesse.....The first one I made I ended up having my fiancee help me out with the lifting, using 4 spatulas....and it worked, but I knew there had to be a better way. Then I remembered the cake lifter.

It was much easier to use than I would have imagined.
If the above picture doesn't convince you I took a picture of me lifting it higher above the carrying case.
I want to point out that I do end up leveling my cake....well, as much as I can with the way they bake in my janky oven. lol. 

So I ended up putting this thing to the ultimate test with one cake. I ended up moving the cake three times and it did not tear once from the lifter. It went in and came out from under the cake effortlessly and the rubber grip for the handle made it so much easier! I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is a cake decorator or who is thinking about becoming one. I would also recommend the cake leveler, which you can see in the above pictures to the left of the cake. It makes the whole process of layering cakes as easy as brushing your teeth.....but without all that effort. :)

As mentioned in the title, the Wilton Cake Lifter has been......tested and approved. :D



Sew Amore said...

oh that looks like its so handy!! do you use it to cut the cake in half too? so i was looking at your white toast photos above...(and they are so cute!! how big are they?) and i couldnt help but notice how dark the photos were. so because im bored and can't play WoW because of maintenance...haha...i wanted to show you how they look now, once i uploaded them to


all i did was adjust the exposure/highlights and then the color / saturation.

use this website for all my photos on etsy..because believe it or not when i take my photos they are either super blue, super red, or REALLY dark. but they always come out nicely after i picnik em'. hehe.

i hope i dont offend you or something by doing it, i just wanted to show you how awesome it is. :D

Kayla said...

That lifter makes moving cakes SO easy! It has made my cake decorating a lot less stressful now that I'm not worried about tearing up the cake when I move it! lol I actually use a cake leveler to cut it in half, it looks like one of those cheese cutters, but big enough for a cake :)

My toast is again miniature, about an inch in size.

I really like how bright those pictures are! I will have to check out then, I need ALL the help I can get with pictures! lol. Can you do different things with the pictures too? Like round the edges or maybe change colors or whatnot?

And I'm not offended in the least, I like the help! lol. It makes me feel good that you took time out of your day to help me with my photos! Thank you dear!! :)