Saturday, May 22, 2010

Columbia Wine and Food Festival Sip and Shop Event

Columbia Missouri holds a Wine and Food Festival every summer, and it involves all kinds of fun activities. I have never gone before since you have to pay to participate in any event, and I don't feel that is good use of my money, paying to shop... Anyway, our local Toyota dealership - the dealership I work at! - always sponsors it every year and they always end up decorating cars with Columbia Wine and Food Festival window decals and such. This year they decided to give some tickets for the Sip and Shop event downtown to a few lucky employees and I just so happened to get 2.....for free!! It would have been $25 a ticket, so thank goodness for Toyota :) With that free ticket we also got a ticket for free lunch at The Upper Crust! I had never been there before, but it is a pretty nice restaurant!

The Sip and Shop event is 6 hours of....well....sipping and shopping. Stores will offer discounts from 25% to 50% off items and certain shops gave away free items and had wine tasting. Twana and I started our day out perfectly!! We parked at Shakespeare's, then walked to The Upper Crust and ate, and began to make a big circle from there. We walked up Broadway and hit up every single shop that was involved in this event. We got some really cool free things, glasses of wine, and discounts on everything we bought! Then we hit ninth street walking past quaint little shops with musicians playing guitars, violins and even accordions! It was there where I think I have made my BEST PURCHASE EVER and found a new favorite! Makes Scents is an AMAZING store where you can make your own perfume, which I have been looking into for a while. I ended up making Juicy Couture perfume and Cupcake!!!!! Then we walked to Starbucks (I got a free coffee coupon for my birthday), got coffee, sat down to chat for a bit, then walked back to Shakespeare's and went home. It was an eventuful afternoon.

Everything I got today. The Wine Charms and the soap, in the 3 boxes in front the the gift bag, were all free.
These are adorable! I LOVE the grapes and the wine bottles! Best of all, they were FREE :) :)
Neither were free, but they are made of 95% recycled material! I got My 2 cents for my mother :) and the coffee one for me.....that may be my coffee fund purse (cause if it's Starbucks you're drinkin' it ain't cheap)!
One of the cutest purchases I made, cookie covers for your keys! They are SO cute! This marks the start of my fake food or 'Kawaii' accessories collection....yay! Perfect for my NEW house key!
This is my purchase from Makes Scents. Juicy Couture and Cupcake scents, normally $18.00, I paid $14.00.....sweet :) ......smelling!!! lol. I HAD to get the Juicy Couture though, it smells just like fresh Plumeria! Now THAT reminds me of Hawaii.....walking around downtown Waikiki heading to either shopping, food, or the beach......oh how scents take me back!!! It's amazing!

I was planning on taking my mother, but she couldn't get off work, and then I asked my sister and she ended up sleeping in lol, so I just went by myself and met my friend/coworker who also got free tickets, Twana. We had a blast! We got out there around 11:30 and I got home around 2:00, and I live 5 minutes from downtown :) The weather turned out really nice, with 70-80 degree weather the whole time!!! Lovely! Now it's starting to feel like summer!

I just HAD to post about this day because it has been awesome so far! Now, to go make a cake for a LOST party tomorrow (pictures to follow) and then go visit some friends. Busy, busy! Have a great weekend loves!



Carol Anne said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love the key covers! I am always tempted to buy the kawaii key covers on urban outfitters or modcloth haha! They are always so cute!

Kayla said...

I really did! It was awesome! The key covers were one of my favorite purchases!! They are SO cute! I'm waiting until I get my new house key to open and use them XD I may have to check out urban outfitters and modcloth, I had no idea they sold kawaii....well....anything! lol.