Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Baby Shower Cake

I think I have found a go-to cake for events and parties.

In the very last cake decorating class that I had in Course 1 this is the cake that we made. Well, not THIS one, but the same design. I ended up going with this design because it was something that I was familiar with and didn't think I would stress myself out so much about it. I think it ended up rather well for doing it completely on my own.

Before I even started my cake decorating classes my mom asked me if I could help her with the cake for the baby shower she was throwing and I, or course, said no problem. After I had taken my first two courses I had somewhat of an idea as to what I wanted to do but nothing set in stone. After my last class I realized that the last cake was the one that I needed to make. 1 - The baby was going to be a girl and 2 - I knew it was something I could do. This eased a lot of stress on my part and made the decorating process even more fun since it was more like practice!

I know that this picture isn't the greatest, but I wanted to show off the roses I made beforehand. I was being very time-concious when making this cake. I made icing while the cake was baking, while it was cooling I made roses, once it was cool I torted and assembled and then decorated. All in all, it took me five hours to do all of that. Now that's dedication.

The cake was Double Chocolate Fudge, the filling was chocolate pudding, and the frosting was cream cheese frosting. Yummmm.

Hope this doesn't make you too hungry :)



Sew Amore said...

holy cow that cake sounds soooo good....pudding inside? yeah so uhhhh...did i ever tell you i'm having triplets...yeah they're all girls...lulz.

you should make cupcakes and place a flower on each. with the pudding and such. i think they'd be cute :D

Kayla said...

you are hilarious!! I would definitely like to try making cpucakes like that but I'm not sure how I would do that exactly. When I make the cake I cut it in half and put the pudding the middle....not sure how to do that with cupcakes, although it sounds delicious!!! Maybe use a basting needle?? lol....not TOO sure that would work....I'm googling that one!