Saturday, May 15, 2010

I ♥ Thrifting

Lately, I have been reading a lot of blogs that belong to some really crafty women. A lot of these crafty women seem to go thrifting fairly often. I don't know why, but I had not thought abought thrifting since moving to Columbia nine years ago. When I was younger my mom used to take my sister and I into our towns antique stores quite often and we spent plenty of time just browsing the aisles seeing what they had in store for us that time. We always took our time browsing both sides of every aisle from the bottom to as close up to the top as we could get. It is something that I remember fondly from my childhood, and it always reminds my of my mother and my sister since it's a pasttime we all enjoyed together.

So, since I have been reading all these crafty blogs and seen all the goodies they seem to get out of their thrifting trips I decided to go on an outing myself. I didn't want to go by myself and I thought that this would be a good chance to spend some quality time with my sister (and get her out of the house since her cars currently inoperable). I picked Megan up and we went thrifting.....although we only managed to shop at 2 places we got quite the load of goodies! The first store we visited was Salvation Army, which is where I got all the great stuff you see below....

I bought three of the fondue sets, they were supposed to be $5 a piece but I got them for $10. The books were .10 a piece, and I got these four plus The Divine Secrets of The Ya Ya Sisterhood, and another one which name escapes me sister has them. (My mother, sister, and I all like to buy and trade books.) I got the treats jar for $2 and the Mad Libs books for free. Good find!
We are going to be moving in two weeks and I'm going to be placing this "Treats" jar by our backdoor for our dogs. When they are good outside or are good and calm when I have to clean their paws they will get a treat. Plus, it's such a cute jar it will look cute almost anywhere as well as help train! lol.

After we were finished shopping around at the Salvation Army I decided that we should go check out The Marketplace. It was a good idea, but this place is huge and it's more of an antique shop than thrift store in my eyes. I did manage to find the movie Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man - which my fiancee LOVES - and it was only $3 so I bought it. That was my only find from there. Oh well. That was the last of our shopping adventures as Megan (my sister) had to go home, but I'm sure there will be more thrifting with her from now on!

We also went shopping that Saturday (since it was the day before Mothers Day) so we could get moms present together. I already knew that I wanted to buy this frame for mom so I went to Michaels before I went to pick Megan up since Michaels (and my work) are all on the West side of town and Megan was on the East side. I ended up getting a bargain there as well!!

This frame was originally $14.99 and I got it for 40% off. The book boxes were originally $6.99 and I got those for 40% off as well. I brought in a 50% coupon in hopes of using it on the frame but I couldn't since it was already 40% I searched for something to buy for 50% off. I've been eyeing the diamond paperweight for a while......originally it cost $9.99. I got it for $4.99. Sweet!

I was just SO excited about my finds that I had to share. I was hoping to go thrifting this weekend, but my checkbook defies me. I wanted to browse as well, but that might not have turned out well for me since I haven't made my debit card to where I can't So, I'm staying home and doing a little blogging....and since the weather is so crappy I have a feeling I will get quite a bit done. Now, I would like to work on creating a banner for myself....but what picture to choose? I'm thinking a mix-up of some of the cakes I've made and some the the plushies I've made.....we will see eventually. Maybe this amazing Windows 7 can help me out since it can help me with blog posts! hehe. Anyway, have a wonderful Saturday internetland.


Oh yes, I forgot to say what we got for mother. We ended up giving her the picture frame, setting a date to take pictures for the frame, the peace book box, and a fondue set. I like to think it was a good Mother's Day for her. I love making that woman happy!!! loves!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

How great that you've rediscovered's always an adventure, whether you buy anything or not!

Carol Anne said...

Yay! Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do! We should go thrifting together sometime! I LOVE browsing antique shops! And I usually can't leave a thrift shop without at least one thing hehe!

Kayla said...

We really should Carol! I had a blast! I loved being able to get so much for so cheap! I really feel like a savvy shopper now. And I am very greatful that I've rediscovered thrifting, it's easier on the pocketbook and it's so much fun!


Sew Amore said...

i loooove thrifting! i'm always looking in the home decor section of goodwill and seeing what wooden shelves i can use to store my crafts and possibly spray paint using stencils...I also go through the clothing to find something with a cool pattern that i could use to make pouches out of. haha. that way, i can call it 'vintage' if it looks old enough :)

thats great about the finds you got...and your mom enjoying her mothers day gifts...i really like that fondue set!! i wish i lived in como so we could go thrifting together! i always have to do it alone :(

Kayla said...

I love that you repurpose the stuff you buy! I tried to look for things that I can use for something else, but I wasn't successful. We did spend a lot of our time at one place just goofing off, so I think this weekend I'll try to go to more spots and look for things I can repurpose. I'm really wanting to find a good table that I can dedicate to crafting so I don't have to leave things I'm in the middle of on my coffee table or kitchen It would be cool if you lived around here so we could thrift....maybe I can go up to Hannibal sometime soon. My grandma lives in Bowling Green and it's not that far from there so I can end up making a weekend out of it! One day at Grandmas and one day hitting all the hot thrifting spots!! We'll talk. :)