Monday, September 13, 2010

Washi Tape Twist Ties

Jessica at How About Orange posted about Washi Tape Twist Ties July 30th, but I am just now getting around to it. Thank goodness for being able to star items on Google reader!! This was my first attempt at it and since I do not have any Washi tape to speak of, I think it went well. Lindsay at Pixies and Bears showed us how to make our own washi tape here, and it was a rather great find. I bought some contact paper and started journaling with it and creating washi tape twist ties!

Sorry about the quality yet again....I may have to start shooting things on the weekends so I can have some good light...

Using felt strawberries as a prop :)
I just put it on a bag containing reusable netted grocery bags that my mom gave to me.

My mom, Patty, works at this awesome fair trade store called Sassafras Moon World Gifts. They make their own jewelry and stained glass windows, suncatchers, and night lights and they also make some beads out of their own glass. Almost all of my jewelry is from their shop because it is so unique and beautiful! Eli and I even bought our wedding rings from them! If you go to their website, check out the suncatcher section, all but the sunflower is my moms work. She's amazing. (Every one at the shop worked on the heart and moon suncatcher's but she did the others herself). Hope you like!


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Miss Wendy said...

That store is amazing!! Your mom sounds pretty dang cool.

I've given you a sunshine award! Check it out on my blog because basically, I think you're great :)