Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Designer Packing Tape Collection

Strange collection, right? Well, this is the coolest packing tape I've ever seen! I am sure I can use it for journaling and decorating mail. The best part about it.....they were all 50 cents a piece at Michaels! Not sure if all Michaels have them but they are so fun and funky. They also had tiki torches on sale for 99 cents a piece, so I bought 10 of them for our wedding! Bargain hunting is an amazing thing.

I love that you can see right through it! So many ideas come to mind.....especially with such pretty colors! And the pink and green striped ones can be cut down to look like UPC codes without the numbers at the bottom. I thought they were going to cost more than .50, so I bought 3 the first day and then 5 the next :) Now I really should focus on getting some washi tape...lol.

Here's some more designer packing tape....very cool stuff.
Found Here
Found Here
Found Here
Found Here

Hope you like it! I hope to get more now!


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Lindsay said...

um... Im kinda jealous of the cute packing tape you found... I wish we had a Micheals here!!! I have the wood grain tape, but cant bring myself to use it bc its soooo pretty!!