Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I ♥ Pom Poms

I have been eyeing this tutorial for months now and since we are getting married soon I thought I would see how easy it really was since Martha can sometimes be deceiving in how 'easy' she portrays things to be crafted. Let me tell you this was simple as could be. All it really involves is taking 8 sheets of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other, then fold it accordian style. Wrap some floral wire around it and then separate the pieces of tissue paper piece by piece. That's it. Amazing really.

Here's my lonely orange pom pom. I think I may use more tissue paper next time :)

(Sorry about the crappy picture quality, this was the last thing I did before I went to bed.....and it was rather late)

Here's a shot with my makeshift crafting desk. I think that this may be where I am permanently stationed until the next move....I was going to move it in the corner of the dining room - to the right of this window - but I like this view! More pics to come I'm sure.....let me put up some inspiration :)

I will probably post more pictures since I have a few more I'm making :)

Also, I am thinking about using the invitation pictured below from Download and Print since it seems to fit the general "pom pom" theme. I have emailed Anna about switching up the green to an orange color and if I can get this accomplished I will post pics!
Sorry, this is as big as this picture gets - Found Here

If you or anyone that you know of is needing to make invitations for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. just visit Download and Prints website for FREE - that's right, I said FREE - templates! They are all SO cute! What's great is you can email the creator, Anna Skye, and she can customize them for you with different colors and such.


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EJ said...

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