Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Layout---Designed by me! Sort of.

Today I decided to change up my blog. I noticed a while ago the new Blogger Template Designer and tried it out without logging in. It was rather generic but it was pretty cool because of how easy it can be to customize your blog for free, especially if you know little to nothing about html or things of that sort. That was a while ago, so I decided to try it tonight just to see.

I first looked through the templates and didn't find anything that I really wanted...that is, until I saw the Awesome Inc. templates. That is where the text boxes come from. They are based on the 'Orange Swirl' template, which is what I call it since I did not see a name. (Third template to the right) Then I chose a background that I liked since I did not want to upload anything - plus, the ribbons are cute! I was a bit overwhelmed with the "Advanced" tab but after reviewing it for a while I realized it was pretty self explanatory. I just memorized a few color codes and put them in the correct boxes and viola! It took about 30-45 minutes. Not bad for a noob, eh? Now banners and buttons! :)



Lindsay said...

I pretty much love love love your new layout!!! cute cute!!!!

Carol Anne said...

it looks cute!!

Kayla said...

well thank you both! I am pretty proud of it myself! I hope to possibly pay to have some talented woman redo it for me, but I really need to work on branding first :)