Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have had so much on my mind with moving and the wedding and such that I forgot to post about the pancakes that I made months ago! And these are not pancakes that you I don't post many things like that here :) These little cuties are part of a set of Kawaii felt plushies that I have made after seeing this tutorial by aiwa and this picture.

This is how my pancakes turned out...

One keychain and one magnet. You can see the green around the edges.....I have solved that little issue by buying a disappearing ink marker! I remember when I was younger we would go to the fairs and get tiny bottles of disappearing ink, and this is the exact same stuff! I give that stuff an A++ since I would have never thought it could be a useful tool like that :)


Lindsay said...

SO cute!! I got my french toast toay and he is soooo cute!! I love him!! I was going to put him on my fridge but he's too cute, I have him on my desk :)

Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

Man, those pancakes look awesome. I'd totally have one hanging from my bookbag if I got one. I realize I need more stuff on my bookbag to entertain whoever's walking behind me. Good work on them!

Kayla said...

Lindsay - I'm glad you got the toast! Hope he like your desk, maybe he can be some inspiration! :)

Mike - thank you! I hope to make more Kawaii items, just of my own design :)