Thursday, September 16, 2010


I know that this seems very silly but I am posting a tutorial on making little 'spools' for embroidery thread. That stuff really angers me because they give it to you in this nice neat little 'twist' - as I like to call it - and then once you get it unfolded, it turns into one big knot! When I was younger I used to make bracelets out of the stuff and just rolled them into balls, but this seems much simpler....and space efficient. This also gave me a good reason to edit a picture on Picnik through Flickr. Here goes...

What you need:
Small Piece of Cardboard
Embroidery Thread

Sorry it's so blurry! I didn't actually expect to use this but I think I did a fairly good job :) I guess it's really more than one step but it's all so easy it doesn't seem like 3 steps!

Finished Product!

SO easy! I'm sure everyone who uses embroidery thread knows this, but it was fun and gave me some experience with editing. Maybe not the best editing around but I'm learning!


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