Monday, November 8, 2010

Since I'm Going To Be An Aunt....

..........I have so many ideas that are flowing through me! I have already ventured into onesie making and plushie making and that is mostly what my thoughts consist of so this should be fairly do-able. I have found some cute iron-on transfers for baby onesies and for pregnant women and I would like to attempt to make my own sometime. I have also seen some really cool repurpose tutorials for childrens clothes and would like to try that as well! I have got baby fever so thank goodness for my sister having her baby, lol...This way I can get my baby time in before we try for a little one :)  which is going to be a while.

I have also been looking into toys to make for children when they're older.....I know I would have loved play sets made of felt. I have had some really great inspiration from the few photos below.

Found Here

Foung Here

Found Here

The above three pictures are all pay-to-downloads available on etsy if you click on the links below. The next few are pieces I made but I am considering again, but larger :)

I really need to work on my photography skills. This should hopefully prove to be worthy of photographing once we figure out what she is having and I get things going! Anyway, those toys are more for older children so I have some time for those.

So.......does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for cute kids toys? I would love to hear all your ideas and maybe I can even try a few! I have a few tricks up my sleeve! :)


I have also been working on a few things I may or may not use but I will definitely shoot and post when they're done!

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