Monday, November 15, 2010

Rain Boots....and Shoes!

I have long been wanting a pair of rain boots and have never bought any....why? Lately I haven't bought too much for myself but more for I am typing some onesies are in the dryer and I've got some iron-ons to apply once they are done for a friends baby shower. Thursday really made me realize that I need a pair though. Desperately.

To make a long story short I normally work in a office/service center area but Thursday I helped bring cars around to customers. To my joy it started to rain....and I was wearing slip on clogs. :( no bueno. I need rain boots. So I was talking to one of the advisors and he suggested LL Bean and showed me their webpage. I instantly saw the ones I need.....

From here.

Here are a few other great ones to check out, the links will be below.

From here.
I googled the image and I could only find this one on this blog.
Found here
Found here
Found here
Found via weheartit - I just had to include it because of the wallpaper!! I love those swallows/sparrows!

I hope you all enjoyed the quick look at some cute rain gear! It would probably be good for winter too, as long as you wear some thick socks!! I hope to get something soon and I will gets pics ASAP!


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Erin said...

I love the art print rain boots. :)