Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is - unfortunately - not to inform anyone of buttons linking to my blog :), but just regular old buttons. I needed to pick up some white buttons for these napkin holders I am making right now (pics later) and have been meaning to keep an eye out for a set of matching buttons. Well, I went to Michael's today to pick up some onesies for a friends baby shower (with my 50% off coupon!) and decided to do a little browsing....I knew they would have buttons! I ended up buying a decently sized bag full of random buttons for $5 and found some great finds! There were quite a few name brand buttons ranging from Abercrombie & Fitch to Baby Gap to DKNY! There was even one with a chili pepper on it and one with a bear (he's broken though)........I never thought I would be so excited about buttons! Well here are my finds.....I have separated them all by color now and have placed them in jars....and upon seeing how almost empty they looked I feel I need to go buy 2 or 3 more bags! This could be another collection in the making!

Sorry about the horrendous lighting, I didn't get home until 6:30 and it was unusually dark!! Damn you Daylight Savings Time!!!! lol, just kidding! maybe.

Does anyone else collect buttons? OR What do you all collect? Do share! I would like to know :)

Can't wait to hear about some collcetions!


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Anonymous said...

Aw, that bear button is just the cutest! It's a shame it's broken. I've actually thought about collecting buttons before but I had no real use for them then. Maybe once I start crafting then I will.

I've gone through phases of collecting things (tiny cat figurines and anything owl!) but nothing right now because I'm forever moving all my stuff back and forth between university.