Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Redo: Coffee and End Table

My mother has a great set of end tables and a coffee table that was purchased from Ashley Furniture after we first moved to Columbia about 10 years ago. They seem to be sturdy enough but the stain was chipping off the top. My husbands full-time job happens to be laying hardwood floors, so he knows a bit about wood.  He offered to fix the problem for her but all she wanted us to do was the top for now, we could do the rest of it later. I thought I would share a bit of the process with you all because it was pretty interesting to see how it all turned out.

 This is the before. I didn't get a shot of the coffee table before but that was the one that had the most chips in it, but they have to match!
 It starts....
 Hand scraping all four sides....
 Coffee Table: Finished!
End Table: Finished!

All he used was a palm sander, a scraper, and some polyurethane. It created lots of dust and fumes though, wow!

They turned out really nicely (although I may have to get some shots to show you how they look dry) and mom has decided to paint the bottom a different color....maybe black or something.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the colors mom could paint the rest of the tables in? She has sage green furniture in her living room with some floral maroon and sage green pillows.


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