Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet Jada Girl, Our Boxer

Meet Jada Girl a 2 1/2 year old 60 pound boxer. She likes to pose for pictures. Not kidding. Look.

She tends to sit and pose when she sees me get my camera out. My only guess as to why she does this is because I was always taking pictures of her when she was little. Maybe she's just a little diva. Maybe she really thinks that she has to pose, because she LOVES

The eyes are crazy looking but she posed fairly well!
Jada and her brother Koda...she looks like a little gremlin lol
She loves the attention
She sits like this all the time....I think she wants to sit like a human...
After I got my Nikon I was snapping pics like crazy, when I took this pic of her she had her head facing straight-forward. When I took the picture there was a red flash before and she wasn't used to it and cocked her head as it snapped the picture...priceless!
Jada posin with her dad Maddox
She jumped at the camera because she was excited at the dog park....goofy.

So there's all her glory. I am going to have to try and include her and Koda in my blog a little more...they are my little fur babies after all... :)


Carol Anne said...

awww! what a cutie! I love the last photo of her jumping into the camera! too funny!

Kayla said...

well thank you Carol!! She's like my big baby! I'm gonna have to put some pictures of her in here more often!