Saturday, June 19, 2010

30 Day Journal Challenge: First 5 Pages

I have decided to take an active part in the 30 Day Journal Challenge that Janel is hosting over at Run With Scissors. I have done a great job as far as keeping up, but it seems that I keep adding things to past pages after I look at them a day or so later. I haven't been able to post these pictures because we haven't had internet at the house until here goes.

Prompt 1: Introduce yourself, incorporating your name as much as possible.
Prompt 2: What's the beat part of your day?
Prompt 3: Draw a picture of someone you love and write them a letter telling them why you love them.
Prompt 4: What does you heart look like?
Prompt 5: What blogs are your favorite? It may be easier to see the writing on the top if you click on the picture, but it's supposed to look like my blog :)

These prompts are so much fun to do, I really feel that they have helped me to be more creative so far. I'm trying to stick with just black and white but I want to throw some color in just for a little 'pop'. I've been so excited to post these as soon as possible, I hope you enjoy!

How do you get your creative juices flowing??


Carol Anne said...

aaww! I love these pages!! Especially the blog one ;)

Katie said...

I love your journal pages, theyre wonderful :)

Lindsay said...

oh my goodness I aboslutley love your journal pages!!! so pretty!!! I get all my washi tape from

I love love love it!!!!! you should get some, but be warned its highly addictive! LOL

Hope you had a great weekend!

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Your journal looks so cute!

Kayla said...

thank you all! the blog one was one of my faves, but I loved putting together the What Does Your Heart Look Like prompt, I HAD to use that ribbon :) Thank you Lindsay for the link to etsy where I can get some washi tape....I've had that stuff on the brain since I saw other people using it in their art journals! Can't wait!