Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sea Turtle Tattoo!!!!

For years I have been researching tattoo's for designs, realizing that I have no clue where I would want to put one on my body. Of course, this is a very permanent thing and I didn't want to rush into it and get something in a place I would later regret. Well, the weekend of the 24th seemed to have been a little bit bolder Kayla.

On the 24th I rode on a sky coaster at Six Flags St. Louis (a post and video to come later) and the next day I got a tattoo that I have been wanting for a while. I must say that for a while after that I felt really bold. :)

I went to Living Canvas in Columbia, MO because I heard that they were really good and I had a coupon. Call me frugal if you will but a few weeks before I went I actually won a $40 gift certificate for Living Canvas on the radio. I called in thinking I would never win it like I normally don't, but after a few tries the phone starts ringing. I'm thinking that I am being put through to an operator or something......I never win! Then the DJ answers saying "Hey! What's you're name? You'r the winner!" I was so excited, and this was all before work! Anyway, this is how it turned out right after tattooing.....It has lost the top layer of skin and looks like it is getting ready to shed another's a process but it's really cool to see how it unfolds.

Hope you like it! I'm in love! I've always loved marine life and the sea turtle is just like the necklace I bought in Hawaii 2 years ago; they're supposed to bring luck as well. I got the plumerias because I decided that I would like some color and I better get what I want now while I'm getting the tattoo anyway. The water is, of course, for the ocean and the plumeria is a favorite flower as well as another reminder of Hawaii. The street outside our hotel the led to the strip and Waikiki beach - which we would walk down every night we were there - was lined with plumeria trees and other flowers as well. The smell from the flowers was so strong that it overtook your senses, but in a really good way. Juicy Couture perfume smells just like it, so I had to get some......Enough of my rambling. Goodnight internetland.



Miss Wendy said...

Super cute tattoo! I've always wanted to get one on the top of my foot, but I heard it hurts worse there then anyplace else. Was it totally horrible for you?

Carol Anne said...

awww so cute! Even in jr high I remember you loving marine life! :)

Kayla said...

Miss Wendy - it hurt but it wasn't anything I couldn't tolerate. I am a wuss for pain, but I managed to hold my foot still pretty much the whole time.....I did manage to take a potty break and that helped a litte!! :)

Carol - Thank you! You're right, I've loved marine life since about 6th grade! When we went to Hawaii in 2008 I was in heaven! The sea turtle is actually designed after a necklace I got from there that is carved out of bone and is supposed to bring luck....we will see! I was excited for it!