Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riding The Sky Coaster

So, we got to go to Six Flags St. Louis for free for Eli's stepdads company picnic July 24th. Ever since we found out Eli and Zach talked about the Dragons Wing, a Sky Coaster where you basically fly through the air. Zach was trying to convince Eli's brother Ian to go with them to make it cheaper ($25 a piece for 2 or $15 a piece for 3) and the whole time he said he might do it, but when we got there he decided not to go. Zach said that he would pay for my ticket if I wanted to go, since it was only $5 more, and I pretty much instantly agreed. Everytime that I have gone to Six Flags I have looked at that ride and told myself, and probably others, that I would never go on this type of ride, but for some reason I was feeling bold. Here's a video of us flying through the air, and I was the one to pull the release cord! 

It was really a great time, and I'm not sure why I was so courageous, but the next day I went ahead and got my tattoo! I was definitely feeling rather proud of myself that weekend! Hope the screaming wasn't too much! :)


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Toni Tralala said...

I'm dying to go to Six Flags! I'm moving to California to be with my fiancé. Six Flags will be one of our first stops! <3

Thanks for sharing! :)