Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amazing Make-up Artist!

Promise Phan is a very talented make-up artist...I found her while watching Kaelah's video about her pretty pink hair. I was drawn in because she looked just like Jessica Rabbit and found out that she is very talented and definitely seems to have a future in this! She has made herself look like a pin up girl, Michael Jackson, Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry, Fairy Barbie, Neytiri from Avatar, Antoine Dodson (search his name on youtube....lol), and even Lil' Wayne! Check out her youtube channel here.

Found via weheartit

I haven't really been too much into makeup until here recently, so something like this is nothing I could attempt but I thought it was very interesting. I just find it amazing how she uses foundation to cover her eyebrows and get them the same color as her skin, then creates new brows - or a whole new skin color and look! The part I found the most amazing was when she used a little bit of eyeshadow and lined part of her nose to create a whole different shadow and make her nose look completely different! You should really check her out......she's awesome.

I have also been following Courtney over at You Will......Wont You and she has done some awesome Face Charts (see her August posts). They are pretty inspiring...just to see what someone can create with just a brush (or finger.....or whatever) and some shadow, liner, and mascara.

I hope you all were inspired too......What are some of your favorite makeup products?


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