Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Mobile for my Niece

I have been looking at some wonderful  mobiles on the internet lately and decided I would make my own for little miss Emma.....who should be here within the month. Her room is going to be pink, purple, and PRINCESS! I got my inspiration from the mobile below ↓↓

Found Here
 Isn't that just precious?? I love it! I wanted to do something like it but decided to go with wire hangers. My idea for it changed a few times.....I wanted to use one hanger and then create small triangles out of another and hang those from the first hanger, yarn wrap them, and then make a chain of felt leaves.....then I just decided to go with this.....

I am in the process of creating a tutorial for this if you would like to do it as well.....just watch my blog for that post soon!


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Out on a limb said...

very pretty!