Friday, July 3, 2009

My Take on Edward Pattinson

I will admit....I was a little indifferent about ole Rob in the begining. But after searching so much about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn all while reading the books.....he's REALLY grown on me. I think part of it might be that I knew what he looked like in the movie so I could picture him while reading easier, but he really is a VERY, VERY handsome man. I mean, just look at this picture.....he's brooding, eyes peircing right through you...and he looks damn good in a suit and tie. And that hair! I have read that he said he doesn't wash his hair that often. But it still looks good baby! It's just got that windswept look, or possibly just a case of really good looking bed head, whatever you want to call it. I call it georgoeus.

It's not just his looks either, his acting talent is amazing. Not like I'm anyone who can really talk about acting abilities but he does a great job in Twilight. I feel like a giddy little girl very time I watch the first scene in the Biology class...or when he calls her Spider Monkey! You couldn't slap the grin off my face! He really makes you fall in love with the character. My only complaint about Twilight the movie is that they didn't develop their characters as well as they did in the book. Personally, I read the book before I even watched the movie and I thought that it sort of seemed like Edward was a creepy stalker at first and Bella just fell in love REAL fast. I do, however, realize that they probably had to cut a lot of good things for the movie. I just feel that they should have developed their characters so we could see how they were in the book. I REALLY wanted to see the part in the book where Bella had to be taken to the nurse from Biology because the drew blood and it made her sick......oh well. I'm sure that New Moon will more than make up for any disappointments that I have. (Even though they aren't really that big of a deal to me).

There was this one picture of Robert that I found online of him laying in the water and I really wanted to share that with you, however, at this exact moment I can't seem to find it. I really don't feel like stumbling around my room ar this exact second to find my keys and then my jump drive so I'll make sure to poat that one sometime soon. In the meantime, I've found this sexy little picture, but I believe it's just a photoshoot and nothing in the movie.

I am so psyched! I finished Eclipse last night and I'm waiting on the return of Breaking Dawn from my roommate which shouldn't be here too far away......Lovin it!

Alright, off to bed now but I will post that picture ASAP so you can enjoy in the vast gloriousness of it as well. Toodles!

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