Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True Blood....Oh So Good...

I finally got True Blood Season One on DVD the other day. I have read the first two books and I am currently on the third book, Club Dead. So far they seem to have stuck with the story, which is great in my opinion. My husband and I have watched all 12 episodes in three days, and I must say he is a trooper for doing it. At first he was skeptical of it but once we watched the last episode this morning he said, "Well now I want to watch the next season" lol. I wish I could make it to the store so I could buy it......maybe once the snow has cleared.

Speaking of snow, we have had about 12 inches so far.....and it's still coming down, bad. We are in the middle of the "Snowpocalypse" as I have heard it called :) Either way, I haven't had a snow day in years so this is pretty cool! I will try to get a few pics of this beautiful (but somewhat aggravating) snow soon.....until then, I give you this.....

All images were found via weheartit.

Now, I am going to enjoy a nice glass of wine since I will be stuck in the house for a while..... If you so happen to be stuck in this crazy weather (which I hear is hitting at least 30 states) stay home or at least be careful if you must go outside! I know lots of businesses here in Columbia, MO are closed and more than likely won't open for a few days.

Hot chocolate will definitely be in order since I plan on playing in the snow at least a little bit tomorrow with the hubs and the two furbabies :)


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