Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day (A Day Late)

For some reason I always remember Pearl Harbor Day.....I don't know if it's because it's the one day in history class that I could always remember or if it because my Grandpa was a WWII veteran......either way it is a very important and somber day in the United States history. Going to Hawaii and actually going to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial did give me a lot more perspective on what really went down that day though. There are a lot of reminders about that fateful day at the USS Arizona memorial - the eerie feeling you get once you are at the memorial site, the oil that is flowing constantly out of the wreckage, and the lei's that are made and laid out in memory of lives lost. America will never forget the brave men and women that fought and died on that day of terrible tragedy.

Here are a few pictures that I took while we were there.....maybe this will give some more people insight into Pearl Harbor and the tragedy that befell the men and women there.....

 Coming up on the USS Arizona Memorial
 The USS Arizona Memorial marker....there a quite a few more for the other downed ships
 The USS Arizonas gun base, which they had to cut quite a bit off because it was taller than that.
 Oil still flowing from the USS Arizona
 Part of the USS Arizona showing just below the surface
 Memorial wall with the lei's and paper cranes placed there every morning
 The American Flag that flies over the USS Arizona
The USS Missouri watching over it's sister ships that are in Pearl Harbor Bay. The Missouri has been put into retirement ans stays in the bay to "keep watch". (The red and white striped 'tower' to the right of the Missouri is the actual lighthouse that they used when they filmed the movie "Pearl Harbor".....neat fact)

I think I may post some more pictures of Hawaii when I can.....I have all the pictures saved on my work computer so I could easily do that......what do you all think? That could be the 'filler' until I get my computer back.


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