Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Fish In My Tank.

Now, these are some wonderful fish that I've got. They seem to keep me entertained and brighten my day without even knowing it. I just look at them and they are so happy just swimming in their little isolated area. How do they stay so content while only swimming in such limited waters? They.are.awesome.

Their names are Pinky, The Brain, and Abraham. Pinky is the small calico goldfish, The Brain is the big orange and white goldfish, and Abraham is the black big eyed goldfish (like the fish on Different Strokes).

These little fish are always at the house and no, I can't really love on them like I can my dogs but, I've always seemed to find joy in fish. When I was in the sixth grade my science teacher - Mrs. Wells - had us all do three reports on endangered species. I knew right then and there that I wanted to make a habitat with a Siberian Tiger in it - since that summer my grandmother had bought me a stuffed white tiger, one of my favorites back then. I just wasn't sure what species I wanted to do my 3 page - pictures and all! - report on. That's when I decided to ask Mrs. Wells......and that's when I decided what I wanted to go to college for. Although that hasn't seemed to have happened, it is sitll a possibility, but that's another subject entirely. Anyway, good old Mrs. Wells introduced me to the West Indian Manatee, an endangered species that is indigenous to Florida and some of the lower East coast. Since then I have had a love of marine mammals. While Manatees are still one of my favorites I have grown to love Sea Turtles (Honu), Dolphins, and Whales.

For some reason I have seemed to feel at home when I was near the sea. It's entirely strange to say that, though, since the first time I'd ever seen the ocean or been on a beach was in 2008. Those 10 days being surrounded by the ocean were just amazing, you could feel the power of it whenever you were near. But this is all for another post, on another time, preferrably at an earlier time. I have plenty of pictures to show, thoughts to explain, and talk of places I'd like to go. I really just wanted to get on here to post about my fish, test my computer out with blogging and pictures, and hit the hay. I've accomplished what I wanted and more! Til the next time ♥

Kayla Jo

Oh yeah - forgot to tell you what originally gave me the idea for this post earlier.........When I feed my fish in the morning, they know whats about to happen. They aren't you'r ordinary fish that just meander through life guessing when you feed them......Oh no. These fish know exactly when you open the slot on top of the tank to feed them and are on it waiting for food. Well, I was just giving my fish tank the monthly fill-up - through the food slot - and the fish came up to see what was happening. The Brain was just floating there by the stream of fresh, new water flowing in just goblling up as many bubbles as he possibly could. Once he got bored, Pinky came up from the bottom of the tank and swam to the top.....repeatedly!! lol. I really wish I would have thought to get a camera because it was funny! It all happened so fast that I don't think I would have had time to get it and actually get anything on camera. Well, there's my funny story for the day. I have to remember to post some wedding info on here. I'm just looking at colors so far, haven't picked a date yet!!


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