Thursday, May 29, 2008

To be of Legal Drinking Age

Monday was my 21st birthday....and it was also a stuff. wasn't that bad because I luckily didn't have to work that day and neither did my mom. She made me a big bbq lunch and Eli and myself went over and spent a few hours with her. Mom had already decided that she was going to take me out and buy me my first legal drink, which was nice. We were gonna go to Houlihans for their Martini specials but they wer closed! So, we went to Ruby Tuesdays....and I was happy. I had a Lemon Drop Martini (which I've been wanting for a while), a Mango Mojito (my new fave!), and the bar gave me a Lemon Drop a huge glass! Not complaining.....I liked it all a lot! But they didn't even card me! lol!

After that Eli tried to get mom to stall and we went to his sisters house where he made me a cake (decorated it himself!) and his two twin neices (Faith and Hope) made me some birthday cards! So sweet!

Unfortunatley I didn't get to do too much since I had to be at work at 7AM the next day, but this weekend I'm living it up! I'm going to hopefully get a few people to hang out with and I'm having fun!

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